Two Way Radios

HBAC uses real time two way radio communications linking your business, other HBAC members, the local police, and CCTV. Businesses throughout Huntingdon, St Ives and St Neots are now using this contemporary updated radio system with great success. 

Here are some of the ways the radio is used to make Huntingdonshire towns safer places to live, work and shop: 

  • Reduce suspected retail/business theft
  • Relay information about the presence of potential/actual offenders
  • Summon rapid response in acts of violence and anti-social behaviour
  • Highlight specific incidents e.g. forged notes, bag snatchers
  • Track/find lost children

The individual towns have the radio talk facility unique to their own radio frequency. All three towns link to their own dedicated radio at the town CCTV provided by Huntingdonshire District Council.

Here is an overview of what it is all about

HBAC manages the radio scheme, negotiating the best deal, the best equipment and the best value for money on your behalf. Each town has its own base station and radio frequency. This enables an individual radio user to talk to ALL members in their town and CCTV simultaneously. The radio system is supplied by ShopSafe Radio and has the following specification:

  • Kenwood TK3140, hand held, two way radio with belt clip
  • Lightweight, small
  • User display screen shows who is talking
  • Panic button, provides instant alert to other radio users and CCTV
  • Accessories available include ear piece, mics, head sets
  • Replacement radios and batteries included in the annual cost
  • Rent or buy

 Two way radio is available to your business through HBAC membership